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Scott Beyers

Scott Beyers

Master glass artist Scott Beyers is known for his graceful, free flowing designs achieved through the expert use of "torch worked" techniques. Through his extraordinary finesse with these most difficult techniques, his work displays motifs that display the most delicate of lines, sensitive colors and sense of movement.

Scott grew up near the ocean in McKinleyville, California, exploring lagoons and riding logs. He attended high school in Vacaville, California and Toledo, Washington and went on to earn his AA degree in Technical Engineering from Shasta College in Redding, California. It was at Shasta College that he began his study of ceramics and glass. In 1976, he received his BA degree in Ceramics and Glass from California State University, Chico.

"When I first came to Orient & Flume, there was an explosion of techniques all around me. I wanted to do them all and I'd get excited just thinking about it. There was so much to learn. Creative ideas have always been freely exchanged here, and this is where I learned to design in glass."

Beyers is always trying new designs, whether inspired by something in his garden, or his collection of glass books. He particularly admires work by Galle, Baccarat and Clichy. Often he'll make sketches or work directly from pictures. He is always striving for a feeling of natural flowing movement in his designs-a good example being his Red Beta Fish vase, where the seaweed appears to move with an invisible, swirling current. When viewing his Callalily Bouquet, flowers, leaves and petals seem to live in sprightly breezes or react to other forces of the elements, as naturally as if they were still growing in a field.

Scott Beyers describes his technique; "I work on the composition so that it encircles a piece. The vase design reads from all sides no matter how you turn it. Your eye doesn't focus on just one spot. I try to do work that is technically flawless in both design and execution."

This technical skill and artistic vision allows him to capture nature in it's raw form, visually alive and vividly realistic. Examples of this artistry can be seen in his Butterfly in Paradise vase and his beautiful Winter Bamboo vase which was selected as Orient & Flume's 1992 "Twenty Year in Business" Commemorative Design.